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Personal Automated Banking and Budgeting Management by an Accounting Specialist

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My name is Cameron Cromwell

            I am an Accounting Specialist at a private CPA Tax Firm in Atlanta, GA and for the last 4 years I have been using a budget that has changed my life! My finances have been mostly automated since then and I'd like to automate yours as well! 

            There is no guessing! We create the budget together to the outcome you want, then I set up the automatic bank transfers to make it happen.

My budget has exclusive formulas built in that show us your estimated cash flow 3 years into the future AND lets us see the effects of any changes you want to make in real time! 


I am able to set up automatic transfers that guarantee:

  1. You'll Get Paid First! Every Friday (Regardless Of Your Pay Schedule)

  2.  ALL your bills will be paid ON TIME, EVERYTIME

  3. You will ALWAYS hit your weekly savings goals

  4.  Confidently pay the maximum on debt without going negative, crushing ANY interest rate.

      *Absolute words used due to Math


            Plan vacations, and actually go. Maximize debt payments worry free, and become debt free much faster. Whatever the goal, you will have your own personal accountant to make any adjustments needed on a weekly basis.

            By actively managing your bank account transfers for you to match your budget forecast, your financial goals are simply a matter of time.

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We have decided to make the step to change the way we live! Having someone to put your trust in and help you live financially free is life changing.
Best thing we’ve ever done!!! Fully automated budget system. Affordable monthly fee, all you have to do is stick to your numbers! Make the step!!

Bree R, AZ

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