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How It Works

1st Meeting 

Time : Approx. 1 Hour

We will need a couple of things to get started​


Your Income

Your paycheck amount each pay period and if it's deposited weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly.

If you are a salaried employee this number is always the same. If you’re an hourly employee then we will just average your last 6 paychecks to get our estimate.​






Your Bills

You'll need to know all your bills, how much they are, and the due date for each bill. This includes any subscriptions. If you know it comes out, we will add it in.​














Everything Else



Our first meeting will be me entering all the information into a custom budget that is a 3-year forecast of your money. Then we will know what your "Cost 2 B U" is and more importantly, what is left over. Your real income. ​


                                                  Single Person                                                                                                         Couples



























We will use that number to split up into your weekly expense accounts that will automatically transfer in 4 accounts. 

  • Spending Account

  • Savings Account

  • Savings Account for Investing

  • Food and Transportation Account 












Budget Complete

The Budget will be complete and you can see your 3 year forecast.

If you like the numbers, then I will set up automatic transfers in your bank account to make it happen.

Examples above only show one month. This example's forecast starts and ends like this...










Before Next Meeting

Open the bank accounts needed for 3 account system​




2nd Meeting

Time: Approx. 1 Hour

 Automation Setup​




Main Account


We will set your direct deposits and Zelle/Cash App accounts to this account. Then we will set all your bills to autopay out of the same account.

We will then set up your automatic weekly transfers out of this account. You won’t use this account or even carry the debit card.

In return it will pay all your bills on time, everytime. It will also transfer to your other accounts automatically every week.

Now your bills, savings, savings for investing, and spending money are automated. 



Food & Gas Account

The main account will transfer the amount from your Budget weekly. You will use this account for your transportation costs, toiletries, and groceries only. This debit card you will carry with you. I literally wrote “Food” on mine to make it simple. 




Spending Account


The main account will also transfer the amount from your Budget weekly. This is the 2nd and last debit card you will carry.

You will use this account for all the things you want to buy that are not a part of your budget. You know, spending money. This can be anything! This ensures you are still able to spend money on the things you enjoy and it will never affect your life!

This is the only money that you will be managing and it will all be for fun stuff. How cool is that?

Every Friday it will refill and you can do what you want with it while your life constantly builds in the background.





That’s it! 


You now have a complete banking automation system that is super efficient and custom to you and your goals!






























Next Meetings


Your time is valuable so we will only meet for 15 mins a week to catch up and review the progress you’ve made. We also will review any changes you might have in income or expenses coming up that should be updated. This meeting can also be less frequent or just be an email or quick message, if preferred, as you will be able to see everything going on in your banking app and have full access to your budget in real time in Microsoft Teams. I will provide you your own private channel so you can contact me anytime right from your phone!  


Thank you! 

-Cameron Cromwell

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